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FasterSkierMarch 5, 2012
The two Festival Masterminds: Sue Wemyss & Abby Weissman

Wow, what a fun time we had at the BKL Festival at Great Glen! The venue was perfect, the snow was great, and we loved the trails. We want to go back! So thanks to everyone (and there are A LOT of you) who have been working for days, weeks, months, and even a year, to put this event together for the families and kids of nordic skiers throughout the northeast.

On the racing side of things our kids turned in some of their best races of the year…

Helena & Pip coming in 2nd and 3rd on the first leg of the relay.

Here are Mackenzie & Helena on the podium, with some very fast company on either side.
They were very happy to win given the strength of this group of girls!
And just off the podium were Alex & Pip in 4th place 🙂

Here’s the 5/6 girls relay podium with some girls who have been skiing with us on Wednesdays: Mehana on the far left (behind the hat) with Emma, and Mae and Lillian on top.

Here’s Mehana with her medal.

Scott Mooney on the first leg of relay….

Russell on the second….

And they finished 3rd – chalk one up for the “little guys” 🙂

Sunday we woke to sunny skies. A welcome change from the smattering of everything in the book that was thrown at us on Saturday. Our girls successfully negotiated the graduation ceremony down the big hill.
I think they’re no longer nervous about the race. The hill they skied down to graduate was steep and lumpy and everyone was watching…..

Now here was perhaps the most competitive event of the day, the lollipop race. Boy those kids really took it out. I think this may be how we’ve decided to prep our next generation of racers for the European scene. Fast and tight. Lots of body contact…. 🙂

This was my favorite painted face 🙂
Peter Graves was our announcer for the weekend!
And here’s the foxy lady, out of her den, in her element!

Ok, back to the racing….

Here’s Pip, bringing it home!

Mackenzie, getting into it…



And Russell

Nice job all around guys. It’s been a long season with a lot of racing. Lots of ups and downs, and lots of learning and improvement. It’s nice to see it all in action! Bravo!!

I know you’re a bit tired today, but not as tired as these two 🙂

Thanks Again!

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