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Avatar Sverre CaldwellMarch 2, 2012

March is Championship month and we have different groups going to the BKL Festival, Jr. Nationals, NE J2 Championships, EHSC’s, Canadian Nationals, the Bretton Woods marathon AND the Super Tour Finals. We have organized it so that each athlete has 2 major events and it should be an exciting month for all of us.

Early this morning groups of kids headed out to Utah and up to Great Glen. Those who stayed here got to have a sprint relay on the new soft snow. The trails had been groomed, but 14″ of fresh snow still tends to be soft.
So… we had an excellent practice of learning to “dance” on top of the snow.
Mollie figured some stuff out; “I think I went faster when I was going L3.”
Nick just cruised and worked on flow.
Mollie tags Corky. Each skier did 4 laps. The team of Calvin and Kate managed to bring home the win over Mollie and Corky :).



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Sverre Caldwell

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