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Sverre CaldwellMarch 29, 2012

Here is a hodge – podge of pictures from the last couple of race days. Above, Tyler works the hill climb.
Hamish crests the last hill in the sprint.
Gino hammers the hill climb with Hamish (who was fighting a cold) cheering him on.
Doesn’t look much like skiing from this angle.
Paddy O’B.
Kris Freeman may not have the pure speed, but he is fit enough to do damage in the heats.
Paddy C.
Corky showing intensity.
Anika on the way to winning her Jr semi-final. She went on to place 3rd in the Junior A final.
Paddy in the hill climb. Notice the skier behind him who is classic skiing. Two skiers classic skied up the hill and seemed to hold their own pretty well.
Calvin showing great forward body position. He did very well in the hill climb.
I like this picture because it shows the top 4 women all doing the “coaches” skate aka wimp skate. And..that wasn’t even the steepest section! Matt B is up ahead working on the same technique 🙂
Up, up and away. The terrain up here is quite different than down south. Up here there are smaller hills but lumpier mountains jumping up out of nowhere.
Anya and Gage.
Chandra Crawford pulls slowly away from Mollie.
Issy P.
Issy and Mollie pose on top. The trail behind them is steep!
Jr 1st and 2nd overall, Paddy and David S.
Jr girls overall podium, Annie, Corey and Izzy.

Today is a “rest” day. We took an easy ski and have been busy carbo loading on Craftsburys delicious food, waxing skis and doing homework.
Tomorrow Kate is racing the Jr 15 km and Issy, mollie and Anika are jumping in the 30 km. The boys get to carbo load one more day before their Jr 20 km on Saturday. The forcast for both days is 26 and sunny at race time so it should be fast!

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Sverre Caldwell

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