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RStrumApril 26, 2012

Cross Country Canada has put together a new Athlete Development Matrix.  Please see the message below from Cathy Harris, Athlete Development Coordinator, CCC

Hi Roy

We are wondering if you would like to add the ADM information to your blog courtesy of the Coach and Athlete Development team at CCC!It is currently being translated and hopefully the French version will be available shortly.

The Athlete Development Matrix is CCC’s new athlete development model. It has been developed with the help and contribution of experts from Own The Podium (OTP), Sport-Canada LTAD expert group, the NST and NDC Integrated Support Team (IST) specialists and some of Canada’s HP cross country ski coaches.

 In addition to providingspecific guidance on how to develop each performance factor at every stage of development, it also now includes specificbenchmarks and standardsto aim for, for each performance factors at each stage of development as well asadditional resourcesto facilitate the interpretation of the matrix guidelines.


It is currently being translated and hopefully the French version will be available shortly.

Besides the technique videos database, this initial version of the matrix is just the starting point and we will keep updating it and adding resources to it on an ongoing basis.

Cathy Harris | Athlete Development Coordinator
Cross Country Canada | Ski de fond Canada
100-1995 Olympic Way |Canmore, Alberta |Canada | T1W 2T6
T: 403.678.6791 x41   F: 403.678.3885
charris@cccski.com  | www.cccski.com

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