First Day Back!

April 16, 2012
Today was our first day back to school & training after our two week spring break!  Everyone seems to be rested, healthy, and refreshed and it was a smiling and chatty bunch at practice today.  This morning during our morning training block we had a team meeting to go over the plan for the spring and this week’s training – time to get everyone on the same page!  This afternoon, we headed out for a short run after class and then hit the gym for strength.  As anyone in New England knows, today was a really nice, warm day!   Summer’s coming… 
 Tess & Mackenzie.
 Hamish working on his pushups (above & below).
Mollie works on her dips.
 Tyler was in fine form in front of the camera today. 🙂 
Paddy working the rollerboard.
Paddy & Hamish.
Dramatic side lunges by Tyler Foulkes. 
 Tess & Mackenzie.
Tyler LOVES planks.
When sit ups are too easy…
Brooke and Anika – working on their balance.
 Finishing up with some good old floor core.
Congratulations to Elite Team member Sophie Caldwell for being named Ski Racing Magazine’s Women’s Collegiate Nordic Skier of the Year!  See the full article here.

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