T2T Performance Indicators

RStrumApril 25, 2012
LTAD performance indicators – T2T athletes

How do you create a t2t program that helps kids advance their abilities while maintaining those things that kids would say are essential to their enjoyment?  As much as literature might recommend doing this or that, the reality is that individual coaches or teams of coaches at each club make the decisions around what should be included in a program.  The goals and outcomes are different at each club based on what leadership is on the ground, the philosophy of the club, the facility available, the tradition or lack of that exists in a community.  In my mind this is why there is so much variability between clubs. 

As coaches we can learn from each other on how to best advance competitive cross country skiing in Alberta.  Our kids are much better off when there are a large number of clubs participating in competitive events and when each of those clubs have a number of top performers. 

So what would performance indicators look like for the t2t age group?  Maybe you have some of these for your club. Here are a few to consider inlcuding

– efficiency in adapting technique to terrain
– good balance, weight shift
– developing a race plan

April is traditionally a down time in structured physical training/practices in many clubs.  Things are ramping up for another go around here in Canmore.  I am excited to be back coaching again with the Canmore Nordic Ski Club for the 2012-13 season.

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