Things I Learned in the City (that have pretty much nothing to do with skiing)

cmalcolmApril 17, 2012

A Compilation of My Observations: Some More Factual Than Others

  • Public transportation; what?!  Seriously though how cool are trains?  Hello country mouse this is awesome!
  • Looking lost and ambivalent, totally in!  Finally a place where my face (which is stuck in a constant state of awe and confusion) does not make me stick out.
  • People will walk through, on, and NEVER around you.   Hold your ground and smile.
  • Super sparkly, glittery eye makeup is not just for women’s relay teams and cross dressers.
  •  A lot of people do not know how to run.  Seriously T-rex, what are your arms doing???
  • The more sheer your clothing, the trendier you are.
  • Food should be organic, BPA-free, kosher, zero-cal, and preferably  french sounding.
  • Have no fear a Starbucks is near!  I mean it. You are ALWAYS within a city block of one… and not because NewYorkers need coffee in order to survive (which they do)…. no, Starbucks are actually the only public bathrooms (fun fact!).
  • In one day (without trying) you can accidentally  crash a Scottish parade, a photo shoot in Union Square, a 5km charity run, a wedding, and an Asian press  conference.
  • I can run in heels.  Who knew!
  • You can talk to yourself and it doesn’t matter… everyone just assumes you are on a bluetooth.
  • Hunter orange is big this season. Never thought Wisconsin could be so far ahead of a trend!
  • You can wear whatever blows your skirt up (figuratively of course) as shock value is nonexistent. Someone will be looking crazier than you, no matter what. Unless that was you in the pink boa feathered hat.
  • I have been a hermit for much too long… and should not be allowed around THAT much of the general public.

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