Week Recap

April 21, 2012
It’s been a busy week at SMS!  We’ve just finished our first week of school & spring training after our two-week spring break.  We had a really nice week of weather (see above!) and got spring training off to a nice start with several bike rides, runs, games of pick up soccer, and trips to the gym for strength.  The coaches are working their way through the team doing one-on-one season wrap up meetings and making plans and goals for next year.  Everyone is taking the time they need to get caught up on school work following a busy month of March with lots of travel and the teachers & advisors have been helping our athletes make a game plan for getting on track for the spring.  Fortunately we’ve got a bunch of smart kids on this team and everyone seems to be hitting the ground running in that department!           
 We’ve had the pleasure of several prospective athletes join us this week for a day at school and afternoon training.  Jordan Fields from Woodstock, VT joined us on Wednesday for the afternoon.  We drove around the back of Stratton Mountain and did a trail run out towards Stratton Pond as a team.  Jordan has been accepted to Williams College, but is thinking of a PG year before heading to Massachusetts.   
From Maine, Sadie James and Jack Elder came over on Thursday for classes and practice – a bike/run and strength.   Looking forward to next year, we’re psyched for the growth and opportunities we’ll have for our current skiers with the addition of the Elite Team and it’s been a great to share that excitement with some potential new athletes who’ve visited us.  
Yesterday we wrapped up the week with our uphill run test to get a baseline for everyone’s fitness.
 We started off with some running drills on the field to work on form and getting our weight forward.
 The uphill run test is two miles of rolling uphill.  A little over one mile is on a dirt road (County Road) and then it finishes off with the paved road towards the Sunbowl and up to the school.
 Calvin set the pace for the boys. 
 Tyler made the pass midway through to move into second.
 Matt in third.
 Carson Thurber (admissions, fresh off the Boston Marathon on Monday!) and Gino.  
Kate & Liz.  Below are more photos from practice on Thursday.
Mackenzie is playing lacrosse this spring two days a week – she’s rushing in from practice on Thursday to join the team at strength.
Anika working on her dips.
Gino & Hamish.
Gino on the ring dips. 
Pull ups – Tyler, Corky, & Paddy.
Sadie James from Maine visited us for an overnight on Thursday and works with Mollie on med ball tosses.
Calvin looks like he’s mid-double pole!
Tess working on her core strength.
Jack Elder from Maine visited on Thursday and joined us for a bike ride and strength after spending the day in classes and meeting with the coaches.
Girls, happy to be done with strength! 
Finishing up with floor core.

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