Bringing Back The Hurt

cmalcolmMay 18, 2012

Oh man. Training. Again right?

We all enjoyed our break away but there is something comforting in getting back to that daily rhythm of eat, train, sleep, repeat.  After all, eventually the euphoria of not HAVING to rollerski in the rain or go outside in the cold  just because I don’t feel like it wears off…  so what’s a girl to do  when that unsettling need to go run for long periods of time in woods creeps back in?    This…This is where I raise my arms up in the air and  yell, “At last!”

After recovering from that absolutely hanis  kettle bell workout (see post below for reference) I made it back to the East in time to jump head first into our National Team camp.

The abbreviated play by play:

During the first workout, on the first day, of the first camp of the year your’s truly managed to dislocate a rib!  Sucker popped right out mid rollerski session.  Two days later, still struggling to breathe and no longer able to run without clutching my side (Riddle me this. Why is it that we think clutching the hurt area will somehow make it better?) the trainers were able to pop her back into place.

The coaches have once again constructed new ways to make me sore.  Seriously what muscle is that?

I was informed I now need to cut a large chunk of my rifle stalk off.  Because unlike last year I am now trusted with sharp objects.

While my classmates graduated from college like real adults I did intervals up White Face.

I learned just how much this past injury riddled season has effected my ability to do pull ups, ouch!  (positive spin…  positive spin!)  …it can only get better? …right?

We reacquainted our elbows and knees (over and over again) with our shooting mats.

And of course, most importantly, I made it through the entire two week camp with out falling down during a single workout!  The joys of little victories!

(L-R: Me, Annelies, Susan, Hannah, and Sara)

I’m incredibly fortunate to be back on the team for another year, and more than that I have a great group of gals to keep me in line… I mean train with!

For now the A-team is off gallivanting in Bend Oregon, putting in long glorious hours on snow while I’m in Lake Placid where the morning temperatures make it feel like I should be on snow!   We’ve cranked up the volume, which compliments my love of adventuring on foot or bikes quite nicely, and I have two college courses to keep me extra busy.  …but as much as I ‘love’ training on my own I’m looking forward to having the rest of the team back in a little over a week.

Until then. I bide my time. I continue to adventure, and do my darndest to stay out of any real trouble!

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