L3 Trail Run

Sverre CaldwellMay 11, 2012
This morning we did a 5.5 km L3 run on the West River trail. We have had a bunch of rain lately (making up for the lack of snow…grrr…) so, as Anika’s legs will attest, it was a bit muddy.
The trail runs along the West river and then back along an old railroad bed. This is the trail that we cleaned up after huricanne Irene. It is hard to believe that the lower trail was covered with 4′ of water last fall!
Mackenzie R and Liz finishing up along the old RR.
Anika charged around on her mtn bike and had a fun time blasting through the puddles.

Issy P.

Mollie and Issy.
Tyler, Mac and Corky.
Paddy floats along the lower trail.

Matt and Gino with the river in the background.

We did lactate tests on everyone over the last couple of weeks. Today the goal was to run continuously at a heart rate in the middle of zone 3. Our summer goal is to improve aerobic fitness so hopefully when we do this same workout later in the summer, their times will be faster at the same heart rate.
A couple of kids had HRM troubles, but here is the data that we collected.
Tess  28:44  (179)
Corky 24:56   (188)
Tyler  24:00 (184)
Hamish 23:40  (184)
Mac  24:51
‘Kenzie 29:39 (179)
Calvin  22:45
Gino  25:17  (182)
Paddy 21:40  (176)… 130 after 1 minute.

Sverre Caldwell

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