SMS Prom Photos

May 20, 2012
 The SMS prom was held yesterday evening at the Stratton Mountain Club and the weather could not have been more perfect for the occasion.  After the trail run TT this morning, everyone got cleaned up and dressed up for the prom.  Sverre and Lilly hosted the nordic team and their dates at their house for photos and hors d’oeuvres before and the team got the full paparazzi treatment from their coaches and parents. : )  More photos on the Smugmug site.
 The crew! 
 The ladies: Mena, Mary Kate, Anika, Alana, Tess, Quincy, Issy, and Mollie.
The gentlemen: Calvin, Mac, Gino, Corky, Paddy, Tyler.
The nordic team! 
 Paddy and his date, Quincy. 
 Corky and his date, Alana.
 Calvin and his date, Mena.
 The girls hanging out at Sverre & Lilly’s house. 
 The girls and their precariously high heels. : ) 
 Mac & Mollie.
 Tyler and Mary Kate.
 Mollie, Mac, Mary Kate, & Tyler.
 Mollie and her parents. : ) 
 Mac and his family. : )  
 Smile!  Welcome to prom! 
 Gino, Luca, Hamish Chip, and Jimmy. 
 Anika and her roommate, Noelle.
 Issy, Mollie, & Chloe.
 Hamish with his date, Chloe.
 Gino, Issy, Mac, Mollie, Paddy, Quincy, Hamish, & Chloe.
 The nordic gentlemen. 
 The prom attendees on the deck.
 Paddy & Quincy.
 Paddy & Mac. : )
 Nordic ladies. 
 Suspender men. 
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