Will you take us outside?

FasterSkierMay 6, 2012
“Will you take us outside?” is my favorite question to hear when I walk in the door at the Boys and Girls Club. 

 Freeze Tag
The Club didn’t receive some of the funding we were expecting so we have been short staffed this week as the regular staff is taking turns with unpaid days off. Thankfully the weather has been nice and we have been able to get outside and organize some great games.
Spring time also means dinner outside on the patio.  
Mr Greene makes the best grilled chicken I have ever had in my life.
Kickball: I think this photo demonstrates the importance of having good mentors as you are growing up.  Remember that you are always making an impression on others even if you can’t see it.

After several ‘classroom’ sessions of talking about goals and healthy lifestyle the teens and I were able to get out and enjoy some Mountain Biking.
Jasmine on a mountain bike for the first time

A perfect day
Thanks to Trips for Kids and the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation for providing the bikes and the experience.  Tomorrow we are going mountain biking again and everyone is fired up.


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