Century Ride

Sverre CaldwellJune 3, 2012
The weather Gods were nice to us today for our century ride. The clouds cleared and we had a beautiful day! These picture are a bit out of order, but…I’m too tired to fix them 🙂
100 mile group #1 (missing Liz)
100 km group (they started at mile 35 in Middletown Springs).
100 mile group #2 (started 15 minutes after group 1..passed them at 50 miles…)
Cruising up rte 7 north of Manchester.
Climbing into Danby 4 corners.
Headed for Tinmouth.
Chase group.
We picked some great back roads that wandered through the high farmlands and didn’t have much traffic.
Rolling through Wells.
Lunch in Salem, NY.
Beauty school?
Heading out after lunch towards  Shushan.
Katharine, Pip and ‘Kenzie are all smiles at the end.
The guy on the left looks tired.
Charlie led the 100 km group.. Thanks!
“Kenzie and Pip work the hill.
Cruising along.
Poppet points the way. Thanks to poppet for driving support van for the 100 km and to Lilly for driving for the 100 miler.
No problem!
Mac hiked the Presidentials with Paddy on Monday, canoed 100+ miles with Calvin (and their dads) Tues-Friday and then ended the week with our ride…wow!
This is actually a lunch shot, 70 miles into the ride.
Thanks to Lilly and Brooke for taking pictures and to a bunch of parents for baking goodies..and to Bruce S for showing up at the finish with a bag of groceries!
Fun fact: Our group rode over 2,000 miles toady without a crash or a flat!

Sverre Caldwell

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