Heading West for Snow

FasterSkierJune 3, 2012

It has been a long time since Minneapolis felt like winter, but believe it or no there is plenty of snow still around out West.  After enjoying a wonderful warm spring, I returned to my home state of Washington to find some late season snow and skiing.  Washington holds the record for the largest snow pack in the United States with over 1100 inches recorded on Mt. Baker.

6,5000′ of elevation and there is still plenty of snow
Although I am excited to be back in the mountains and training on snow I really miss everyone back at the Boys and Girls Club.  I do have some great memories from the week leading up to my trip out west.  
Taji getting a little air on the pump track.  The regular mountain bike trails were closed all week because of the rain so we went to the ‘secret’ Wirth extension trails and played around on the jumps.  
Getting ready to divide into teams for two-hand touch football
Two Hand Touch
Final ski race of the season: May 27th, 2012
I am working with my my high school coach, Scott Johnston this year as part of a more hands on individual approach to training.  Training is going really well and I am really excited for this season.  We are monitoring speed, heart rate, lactates and distances in almost every workout and the progress has been fun to experience.  It is a big sacrifice on my part since I am away from Caitlin and our home in Minneapolis.  Life is good, but it will be fun to be back at the Club in late June.

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