L3 Skate

Sverre CaldwellJune 26, 2012
This morning we did a 10 km continuous L3 workout. The course started with a 6 km uphill and then rolled for the last 4 km. Our goal is to build a strong aerobic platform and this is a good workout to improve aerobic fitness. We will do the same workout later in the summer and look for improvement.
Above, Tyler and Austin crest the top of the hill.
Megan broke her pole right near the top of the hill and continued on w/o  poles.
Mackenzie paced herself well and looked in control.
Keely nears the finish.
Coach Boobar gets the report. We hope that it was a good warm up for her 6 swim races this afternoon!
Pippin pops to the finish.

Alex looked good and smooth.
It was a far cry from the weather we had last week. This morning the temps were in the low 50’s and it was a great training day.

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Sverre Caldwell

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