SMS Uphill Run Test

Sverre CaldwellJune 14, 2012
We are doing some base line tests with our summer group this week and this morning we ran our 2 mile uphill test.
The first mile goes up a pretty good pitch on a dirt road. The second mile is easier and on pavement.
Izzy and Anya.
Calvin showing off his winning form.
Poppet takes 1 mile splits while Gino and Carson zip by.
Tyler, Koby and Sophie at 1 mile. Tyler started conservatively, then flew on the last mile.
Erika, Isabelle and Mac. Issy gets runner of the day by setting a PR of over 30 seconds!
Austin at the finish.

Hallie nears home.
This was the first time doing this test for about 1/2 of our group. We will do it again in early August and hope to see some improvements from doing good summer training.

Here are todays times:
Calvin   (6:27)  12:31
Tyler     (7:28)  12:58
Eric      (6:45)   13:06
Austin  (7:02)   13:17
Gino    (7:14)   13:24
Carson (7:14)   13:52
Sophie  (7:29)  13:59
Koby    (7:28)  14:08
Erika    (7:36)  14:13
Mac      (7:36)  14:26
Issy P   (7:36)   14:27
Cam      (7:52)  14:48
Hallie    (8:04)  15:15
Heather (8:15)  15:19
Anya     (8:25)  15:48
Izzy       (8:29)  16:23

Sverre Caldwell

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