7/31 DP Test

July 31, 2012
Alex Cobb leads the team as the first starter this morning in the DP test.  
This morning we did the double pole test for the first time in a month and a half.  As you can see from the pictures, it was a little misty out this morning, but quickly warming up and clearing as the morning went on.   As always, all rollerskis are different and ski speeds can vary greatly.  Don’t put too much stock into comparing athlete to athlete – it’s best to compare each athlete against their previous times, providing they’re using the same skis.  Nice job to everyone on a solid test!

Austin – 4:03
Magnus – 4:12
Paddy – 4:12
Koby – 4:15
Gino – 4:16
Calvin – 4:22
Sophie – 4:31
Liz – 4:44
Erika – 4:47
Megan – 4:54
Anya – 4:57
Keely- 4:58
Kenzie – 5:13
Chloe – 5:25
Pip – 6:07
Tess – 6:15
Alex – 6:16
Helena – 6:19

June ’12 test results
November ’11 test results
October ’11 and earlier test results

 Sophie.  [Apologies to Koby – I missed you right after Sophie, too fast for the camera!]
 Cooling down with some chit chat. 
 A few minutes later, Mama Bear headed across the road towards school…
…followed by her two cubs!  
 Time for some specific strength!  Austin, Anya, Paddy, & Calvin single stick the DP test course.
 Gino & Koby.
 Megan & Sophie.
 Alex & Helena, getting TOUGH! 
 A few uphill speeds – Keely, Megan, & Sophie.
 Chloe & Kenz.

Megan & Sophie.
Paddy, Austin, & Magnus. 
Gino, Koby, & Calvin.
 Tess & Pip.
 The boys go at it in one big wave…
 Whew!  Last uphill sprint.  
Gus helped time the DP test and & worked with Jessie and Gordon Vermeer (Craftsbury GRP).

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