BMD Skate

Sverre CaldwellJuly 3, 2012
This morning we gathered for some L3 skating at Ball Mtn Dam. Bluebird skies and 65 degrees, what a day!
We almost always start with some technique drills for the beginning of our warm up.
Eli tries to hold off Andy.

 Hot feet.

After our drills, the Devo kids played some keep away while the older skiers finished their warm up.
Our Elite Team boys head up the hill on their first interval.
Erika, Sophie and Megan.
Liz and Keely.
Interval #2. Each interval is 4 km long. The J2’s did 2 or 3, older skiers 3-5.
Some of the college girls.
What’s so funny Pip?
We will do this workout 2-3 times this summer so we record their times and heart rates. Goal is simple…improve!
Cambria and Hallie.
Devo group with coach Boobar.
Charlotte shows off her “tough gal” knees.

Todays J2 group, Pip, Tess, Mackenzie, Koby and Alex.

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Sverre Caldwell

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