L3 DP Intervals at BMD

July 12, 2012
This morning we had a big group out at Ball Mountain Dam for practice – L3 double pole intervals.  The interval “course” went from the bottom of the hill by the dam, out to the gate, and then back to the top of the hill.  Everyone started in different places on the way up the first hill so that the older skiers skied through the younger skiers and everyone got a chance to hop in and ski with someone a little speedier.   Above, the boys warm up for their intervals.  
 The SMS T2 Team women & several of the collegiate skiers warm up together.  Welcome to Jessie (in red shorts) who arrived in Vermont yesterday afternoon!  
 Boys roll through on their first interval.  Gino, Koby, and Calvin started part way up the hill and are able to hop in with Skyler and Eric at the top of the hill.
 Issy skiiing ahead of the older girls.  
 Calvin, Gino, & Koby.
The ladies at the end of one of their intervals.
Rochester girls Ana & Tegan with Russell.
 The J2s started at the top of the hill and waited for the older girls to roll through…
 …and then jumped in right behind them!
 Go, go, go! 
 Adam Witkowski gets some advice from Poppet.
 Boys rolling up in a pack. 
 Austin, Calvin, Koby, & Magnus.
 Tyler, Eric, and Skyler.
 Megan, Jessie, and Sophie.
 Erika, Liz, and Cam.
 Anya’s birthday was yesterday!
 Mollie & Mackenzie. 
 Mae hops in with the fast girls!
 She’s psyched. : ) 
 The J3 boys hop in with Skyler and Eric.
 Skyler checks out his competition. : ) 
 Skyler, Eric, & Austin.
 Pippin – all smiles! 
 Gus checks in with the SMS T2 Team ladies at the end of the workout. 

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