Mud Pond Combo & Skate at La Range – Pictures

WestonJuly 10, 2012

This past Saturday we went out for a rollerski on the roads in Williston, followed by running at Mud Pond. It was a humid and buggy day! However the weather has been exquisite for the past few days – and we had lots of sun at the Range yesterday during our skate workout.

Even though we have a lot of new-comers to rollerskiing, I can already see a lot of improvement this summer. For some, the goals include learning to snowplow, learning to navigate the downhills at the Range, and how to keep the rubber side down. Others are working on more advanced elements of technique. I’m constantly reminded of just how challenging a sport we are in… and even though rollerskiing is like 2nd nature for me (after 20+ years), it is actually insane!! Hmmmm, let’s put tiny wheels on a hunk of metal and bomb down hills without brakes – brilliant! Rollerskiing might as well be a different sport – it poses so many new challenges.

Here are some photos from last Saturday and yesterday:

Patrick, Henry, EthanT and Coach Enman working on the tight slalom

Alice and Erin leading a group of girls through some dryland drills

Jordan working on quick feet and agility… by skiing into the grass

Leslie Roberts has come a long way already this summer. Look at that double-pole!!

Lukas from BHS – well known for his jumping ability – working on strength and agility on skis

Autumn and Amy are great training partners – even if they do attend different high schools

Ethan followed by Callie (back from a tough GMVS camp!)

Warming up in Williston.

Liam, Patrick and Ethan representing Essex & SBHS

Running @ Mud Pond with Nigel, Alyssa, Tatum, Claire (behind tree), Lucy and Ben

The “Big Dudes” are too fast to be in focus

Tatum practicing the downhills. She has come a long ways in just 1 month of rollerskiing!

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