Ski Walking Intervals

Sverre CaldwellJuly 7, 2012
This morning we headed up the mountain for some L3 ski  walking intervals.
The work road has a good grade and is long enough for everyone to get 5-7x 6 minute intervals.
Thanks to Lilly for hiking the mtn early and then meeting us on her way down to take pictures.
Alex and Pippin.
After each 6 minute interval we had a 3 minute recovery.
The goal was for the faster ski walkers to jog down below the slower ones and then pass through on each interval. It worked perfectly and everyone got good exposure to the top dogs.
Recovery period.
Some of our J2 girls head out on their 5th interval.
Good solid group training.
Koby started just a bit above the older boys.
Tyler, Austin and Gino.
Paddy and Skyler.
Mollie and Anya catch a ride with Erika.
Andy was flying and was rewarded with the “most passes” award.

The twins are all smiles after the workout. This is one of our favorite workouts because it is easy to maintain a solid L3. Everyone is working hard, but is controlled. It is a great way to help build a solid aerobic base.

Sverre Caldwell

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