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Holly BrooksJuly 11, 2012
I can honestly say that the past few weeks have been some of the busier in my life…. but I am not complaining but I’ve been able to do some wonderful, amazing things with awesome people. Rather than do a full account of everything I’ve failed to post, here is the last month or so in pictures with some quick descriptions!  Enjoy and as always, thanks for reading! 
 Finnish Super Star Skier Aino Kaisa Saarinen came to ski on Eagle Glacier!  Who would have ever thought that would happen!? She liked it to! 
 I won a big race that I’ve been trying to win for five years; hence, I got sprayed with champagne at the finish! 
Here I am coming across the finish line July 4th in downtown Seward.  If you care to read more about the race you can find the article here: 
 My friend Annie volunteered to be the team massage therapist for the week. She kept us moving, happy & healthy. Body care becomes a big issue when you’re training up to 30 hours per week. Here I am lucky enough to be receiving an outdoor massage on the deck at my own house!  Thank you SO MUCH ANNIE! 
 The Knapp family kindly had our whole group over for dinner! 
 Thanks Laura G for the pic! Half way up Mt. Marathon
 Thanks to the Schoen family for flying me to and from McCarthy to officiate the wedding of my dear friends, Chrissy & Ray. The wedding was during the camp so the flight made it possible to officiate the wedding while missing as little of camp as possible! 
 Sprint relay day! Complete with a visit from Kikkan’s husband, Jeff! 
 Rob and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary! 7/11!!!
 We had more foggy days on the glacier than sunny days. Of course all the pictures get taken while it’s nice out but we certainly put our fair share of hard work during days that aren’t photogenic. We ski train rain, snow, sun, or fog. 
 This was that sunny, oh so great day! 
 Awesome roll sesh in Anchorage with the NAWTA group
 I played the bad guy in our skit/talent show – hence the knife! 
 End of an awesome roller ski at Glen Alps! 
 We celebrated summer solstice with Michael Franti and Spearhead! What a great concert!!!! Big smiles all around! 
 Like I said, we had all kinds of weather on Eagle! 
 The beauty of Eagle 
 One afternoon we joined the APU juniors for a distance run up Winter creek, lunch & had a panel discussion afterwards. We shared our experiences – both failures and successes. We had a blast and I think the juniors did too judging by their faces! (I suppose an Olympic Gold Medal helps too) 
 Merritt, one of my best friends from college came to visit with her husband Steve! 
 Hope Point, AK 
 We celebrated Merritt’s birthday in Hope! 
 Flying over Eagle Glacier on the way to Chrissy and Ray’s wedding! 
 With Emily Chenel/Lints who now lives in Homer, AK. The two of us were on the PNSA J2 relay team when we were 14 years old! So fun to connect with old friends! 
 Bridesmaid’s boots! 
 Yep, this bride has muscles! 
 The RAYMAY show
 Bridesmaids and glacial moraine
 Flying back to Anchorage…. “I’ve got to get up to the glacier for camp!!!!” 
Officiating the wedding! 
Me and Rob with the newest addition to our family, our niece Maria (6 months old!) 
More to come sooner rather than later! Have a blast and be safe! 
Holly 🙂 

Holly Brooks

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