Summer Session 2 Begins

FasterSkierJuly 17, 2012

Yesterday we had a great day of training with over four hours of skiing.  The morning session was a pace workout on the Warren/Lincoln Gap 5km course.  We timed the first effort with a goal of threshold effort and nice, open motions — then we had a twenty minute break and they raced to the top in reverse pursuit order.  We had some fans in Warren as we raced around downtown and the new pavement on Lincoln was smooth as can be!  Great effort by all.  Times below:
             Threshold:        Race:
Hans     18:52                had to leave
George 18:40                17:33
Ian        18:31                17:24
Heidi    20:16                20:28
Maddy 19:35                18:42
In the afternoon we skied south on one hundred where the kids were able to average about 6 minute miles for the first 5 miles.  We then turned west on 125, climbing up the Irene damaged/repaired Middlebury Gap.  We had a cool detour up and down the Texas Falls trail and checked out the cool gorge in there.  The skiers then continued up the gap, skating and concentrating on using muscles and not lungs to get them up the hill.  
For a cool down we shuttled partway down the gap and let ’em run on some super sweet pavement — right through the Breadloaf fields and all the way to Ripton — again they were averaging really fast pace, probably close to 5 minute miles!
Today we are doing a continuous effort at Trapps, running the race trails on foot and lightly bounding the uphills — come join the fun!


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