Tour Of Southern Vermont ( Stage 1)

Sverre CaldwellJuly 24, 2012
We had a great group start our 3 stage Tour this morning. Some much needed rain came down last night making for a slippery, damp trail but spirits were high and off we went.
This years course took us from Mad Tom Notch, up over Styles Peak, Peru Peak, Baker Peak and continued north on the AT/LT to Little Rock Pond. There was an extra 3 mile loop for the boys to do and a 1 mile short-cut for the J2 girls so we all get to Little Rock Pond pretty close together.
The weather stayed warm and humid until we got to LRP. There we had a short, hard shower, then it cleared again until we hopped in the vans at the end of the workout :).
Boys peleton at Baker Peak.
The older girls catch the J2 group and stop for a drink and a quick picture.
Sophie does not enjoy the water too much.
Coaches carried lunch food up to Little Rock Pond..thanks!
Liz does enjoy the water.
Austin and Eric are all smiles after launching from the high rock.

Back at the parking lot after 17-20 miles…everyone finished in fine form and we are looking forward to some classic speed leading into a 30 km warmdown tomorrow!

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Sverre Caldwell

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