Training in Burlington: A day at the BEACH !!!

WestonJuly 18, 2012

About 2 miles from downtown Burlington (a.k.a., Church Street) there is a sweet sandbar that runs nearly 3/4 of a mile in length. In the same vicinity are the bike path, several miles of trails, and an 8-lane all-weather track at Burlington High School. This is my neighborhood, and I invited the MNC crew here for training this morning.

We started with an hour trail run as warm-up. Then we brought the whole group together to do some leg speeds on the track: 8×30″ at 1 mile race pace. This is a workout to keep the legspeed up, yet the work bouts are short enough that it isn’t a full-blown interval workout. Many of these skiers also compete on their HS running teams in the fall — and these teams are gunning for state championships. The South Burlington boys are looking very strong in the D1 division, and the CVU gals are looking to retain their title for D1 girls.

After the track work, we jogged down to North Beach and relaxed in the water!

Enjoy the pictures:

You don’t often see signs like this while training for nordic skiing!

The boys atop the tower! Looks like Europe!

Yep, that is Burlington VT!
View towards Shelburne Point

Thomas Clayton psyched for a dip in the lake
Autumn Eastman leads the gals in a 30″ legspeed

Patrick Hickey (SBHS) leads the boys
Warm-up on the Burlington Bike Path

Atop the tower in the park – the Colchester Boys

Strength on the playground

Forrest and Henry

The pack of girls

Just another day at the beach…


Hazy view of downtown Burlington

Da Beach

Girls on the left, boys on the right

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