8/28 Uphill Run Test

August 28, 2012
This afternoon we had a nice big crew out for our uphill run test.  After a solid warmup for everyone, we got things rolling at the bottom of County Road and everyone raced 2 miles up around County Road, onto Mountain Road, past the Sunbowl and almost back to school.  Pretty challenging course! We had five people testing for the first time (all new PRs!) and eight more athletes (Alex, Austin, Brooke, Hamish, Izzy, Koby, Mollie, and Pip) set all-time PRs on the course today.   Several others ran very close to their PR.  Well done to everyone!  More photos HERE.
Calvin (6:46) 12:56
Austin (6:56) 13:07
Jack (6:57) 13:09
Gino (6:56) 13:23
Hamish (7:09) 13:33
Koby (7:27) 13:45
Scott (7:39)  14:25
Izzy C (7:46) 14:29
Tyler (8:07) 14:34
Mollie (7:52) 14:48
Issy P (7:54) 14:52
Tegan (9:09) 16:46
Katharine (9:09) 16:47
Kate (9:20) 17:18
Tess (9:31) 17:31
Alex (10:02) 18:16
Ana (10:02) 18:25
Mackenzie (9:54) 18:32
Brooke (10:21) 18:35
Pip 19:52
Runners of the day go to seniors Hamish & Mollie.  Hamish eclipsed his best time from last fall and Mollie took a minute off her time from earlier this summer.  
 Calvin set the pace for the team.
 Gino, Austin, and Jack made up the chase group for the boys team.
 Hamish kept that chase group in sight and finished strong to improve on his PR.  
 Koby gets faster every time he does this test!
 Scott Mooney took his first crack at the uphill run test today! 
 Izzy Caldwell paced the girls today and ran her best time on this course.  
 Mollie and Issy work together as they hit the mile mark.  
 Tyler cruising uphill.
 Katharine and Tegan ran the whole test together.
 Kate working the uphill.
 Tess knocked over a minute off her time from earlier this summer!  
 Mackenzie stretches it out before one of the few gradual downhills on the course.
 Alex and Ana running hard together.
 Pip was consistent – in her second time running this test, she was a second faster! 
 Happy Tess after a great run!
 Katharine & Tegan heading out for a cool down.
 All smiles! 
Cool down time! 

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