CXC Coaches Conference Set for Oct. 19-21

Alex KochonAugust 22, 2012

CXC Coaches Conference

Oct. 19-21 at Telemark Resort in Cable, Wis.

Press release

CXC Coaches Conference will bring together coaches, educators, organizations and sport scientists together to educate, collaborate and share research, best practices and new ideas. All presentations will target junior, high school, college, U23 and senior age groups. This conference will also be a great learning opportunity for parents and citizen skiers.


Telemark Resort

42225 Telemark Rd., Cable, WI 54821



$75.00 – Conference only

$125.00 – Conference with meals



Online registration:



Special lodging rate of $69.00/night is provided by Telemark Resort & Convention Center. To make a reservation please call (715) 798-3400 or (888) 757-1943.



– Walt Evans, USSA Sport Development Director

– Jon Nolting, USSA Director Sport Education

– Danil Akimov, Russian National Team Coach

– Mark Besse, USA Swimming Sports Performance Consultant

– Steve Myrland, former NHL San Jose Sharks Strength & Conditioning Coach

– Egor Akimov, Head of Sports Science Department for Sport Center of Innovative Technologies

– Cory Wubbels, U.S. Ski Team Wax Service Staff

– Bryan Fish, U.S. Ski Team Development Coach

– Yuriy Gusev, CXC Executive Director



– David Knoop, National Nordic Foundation President



Friday, October 19

3:00pm – Successful Club Development (Walt Evans)

4:30pm – Taking Coaching to the Next Level: Role of Education (Jon Nolting)

6:00pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Dinner Guest Speaker (Walt Evans)

Saturday, October 20

7:00am – Breakfast

8:30am – Athlete Development (Mark Besse)

10:00am – Training to Improve Technique (Danil Akimov)

11:30am – Lunch

11:45am – Lunch Guest Speaker (Dave Knoop)

12:30pm – Level 100 Coaches Certification Clinic (Bryan Fish)

3:00pm – “Be an Athlete, First” (Steve Myrland)

4:30pm – Performance Testing (Egor Akimov)

6:00pm – Dinner

Sunday, October 21

7:00am – Breakfast

8:30am – Glide and Kick Waxing (Cory Wubbles)

10:00am – Principles of Successful Fundraising (Yuriy Gusev)

11:30am – Lunch



Successful Club Development (Walt Evans)

Clubs are the most important factor in development for our sports. Clubs are an essential resource for parents and an introductory point for kids to get engaged in competitive cross country skiing. Clubs provide an invaluable service in helping young athletes along the pathway to the top level of competition. This presentation will provide insights on USSA’s Club Development Program that assists clubs with a succinct roadmap and evaluation process to provide the best possible club programs that will lead to elite athlete success.

Taking Coaching to the Next Level: Role of Education (Jon Nolting)

Clubs have a responsibility with athletes, parents and coaches to instill self-confidence, self-esteem and character. The athletes represent our sports, our industry and our nation. This presentation will provide focus on ways coaches and clubs can use education to take their programming to the next level, focusing on the areas of: sport skills, fitness, psychology, nutrition and sports medicine. Presenter will also discuss parents roles, rights and responsibilities; and the importance of and resources for coaches continued education.

Athlete Development (Mark Besse)

U.S. produced the most number of Olympic champions in the history of competitive swimming and has been dominating the world for several decades. Swimmers always impress us by their discipline to train early in the morning, persistence to swim hours in the 25 or 50 meter pool and incredible motivation to train high volume for a 30 second or 2 minute race. This presentation will unveil what it takes to be the best in the world, from the first swimming lesson, first race and first win to the Olympic Gold Medal.

Training to Improve Technique (Danil Akimov)

The best skiers in the world have physiological capacities and technical capabilities that allow them to ski at sustained speeds. Fast skiers are generally no different to others in stride/skate frequency but they are able to stride/skate with greater displacement during each movement cycle. This presentation will provide examples of technique training at different ages (youth, juniors and senior) and different levels of athletes (beginner, intermediate and elite).

Level 100 Coaches Certification Clinic (Bryan Fish)

Level 100 Coaches certification is recommended for coaches working with all ages and levels of cross country skiing, from youth to adult and introductory level to world class. It is designed for the coach to learn the fundamentals for effective coaching in cross country skiing and to demonstrate basic knowledge in these areas.

“Be an Athlete, First” (Steve Myrland)

This presentation will discuss the physical and mental characteristics essential to achieving athletic goals: speed, agility, quickness, power, acceleration, balance, stamina, durability and the mental focus and confidence required of a complete athlete. Whatever your athlete’s goals may be, they have to be an athlete, first, and let superior athleticism assist and sustain them as they strive to become a champion.

Performance Testing (Egor Akimov)

Performance testing provides athlete and coaches with information on improvements during the training season. In cross country skiing, the weather conditioning and terrain have so great influence on the velocity of skiing that it is difficult to use similar performance test as in running or swimming. Resources to conduct performance testing also can vary dramatically from a club level program to regional level program to the national team. What do the numbers tell us? How do we use them to effectively manage training process? How often? What performance testing is appropriate for junior athletes vs. senior athletes? This presentation will give examples of test protocols, exercises and monitoring methods for youth, juniors and senior athletes that currently used in Russia for cross country skiing.

Glide and Kick Waxing (Cory Wubbles)

Snow drag force and ability to kick well is by far the most influential factor determining race outcome for skiers of similar ability. This presentation will explain what makes a ski glide fast and kick well. From the simplest methods that can be used at the local ski meet to the most complex used at the World Cup. Communication between coaches and athletes is also one of the most important factors to select the fastest skis or waxes. Cory will give examples on how to best organize your wax team to have the best outcome in any race.

Basic Principles of Successful Fundraising (Yuriy Gusev)

Charitable fundraising provides an important source of financial support for the mission and work of most club organizations. An organization’s fundraising program should be maintained on a foundation of ethical and responsible stewardship. Its fundraising policies should be consistent with its mission, compatible with its organizational capacity and respectful of the interests of donors. This presentation will provide examples of the best fundraising practices recently used in cross country skiing by different clubs and organizations.



National Nordic Foundation (David Knoop)

The mission of the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) is to provide funding for the development pipeline of the US Nordic and Nordic Combined skiing. The NNF accomplishes this development goal through our “Pillar Projects”, which are vital training camps and competition trips that serve the next generation of athletes that will represent the Unites States on the world stage.

Safe Sport (Walt Evans)

Protecting our athletes is all of our responsibility, as coaches, volunteers and parents. In order to create a positive experience and a safe environment for athletes, USSA developed documents on Child Protection, Concussions and Venue Development (safety) which will be introduced during this presentation.

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