First Day of School!

August 27, 2012
 We’re back!  Today was the first day of school at SMS.  Over the weekend we had student registration on Saturday and orientation on Sunday.  Seniors headed out for an overnight at Camp Hi-Rock in Mount Washington, MA (see photos below) and underclassmen spent the day hiking up Stratton, swimming at the snowmaking pond and playing a bunch of games on campus to get to know one another.
 Today for practice the underclassmen spent the morning training session (11am to lunchtime) getting tough with some specific strength – double poling up Brazers for the boys and Treetops for the girls!
 In the afternoon, with the seniors back on campus, we headed out for an easy skate distance workout.  All the pictures here are from that workout. 
 In a last minute change of plans, we are thrilled to welcome Calvin Swomley (SMS ’12) back for a PG year!  Calvin joins Paddy Caldwell (SMS ’12) and Jordan Fields in our PG program.  
 Jack Elder hit the ground running at practice this afternoon after his first day at SMS.  
 Hamish cruising along after returning from senior orientation. 
 Mollie got to hop in behind Izzy Caldwell for this afternoon’s ski.
 Scott Mooney – first day at practice!  
 Katharine flanked by her two new teammates from New York – Ana Witkowski & Tegan Thorley!  
 Tyler has a strained muscle in his chest so he did the whole workout today without poles.
 Alex Cobb – one of SEVEN J2 girls we have on our team this year! 
 The boys rolling along as a pack – Hamish, Calvin, Gino, Koby, and Jack.
 Tess Braddish, on the focus train this afternoon. : ) 
Mackenzie and Pip skied together today.
 All smiles after their first day of 9th grade!   

 Here are a few pictures from senior orientation of our seniors – Gino gets some help over the wall during one of the team building exercises this morning. 
 Hamish scheming how to get his teammates through web.
 Kate, Marian Lobell (snowboard), Kate Boobar (athletic trainer/senior class advisor), Hannah Burwell (alpine) and Mollie. 
 Tyler, Josh Cohen (snowboard), Zach Kinsella (alpine), Gino, and Chip Linton (snowboard). 
 Kate and Tyler and their classmates help Dan Landy (snowboard) through the web. 
 Tyler walks fearlessly across the high ropes course.
 Senior class bonding with the popular human knot game. : ) 
 Mary Kate Visnic (alpine), Abby Brown (alpine), Kate, and Hannah Burwell (alpine).
 Mollie gets a lift from Hamish & Gino.
 Class of 2013! 

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