Mt Mansfield Hike

WestonAugust 20, 2012

Saturday 8/19 we had about 22 people gather for a hike up Mt Mansfield. The days started cool and cloudy and breezy. Once we reached the ridge we encountered nice views towards Stowe – it was entirely clear to the East. We skirted around the summit on the Profanity Trail and eventually looped back up and over on our way home. On the summit ridge (now coming from the Smuggs side), it was ominous and gray on one side of the ridge while remaining clear on the other. After a chilly few minutes on the summit, the clouds lifted and made for a beautiful descent. While we were on top of Vermont, one of our other MNC families was over in the Adirondacks summiting the highest point in NY – Mt Marcy. Hopefully we can get a few pics of their hike too!

Approaching the summit. Gray to the W, clear to the E

Garrott and Murray

Nigel and Chris Rodgers

Molly, Karin, and guest Margo

Stopping for  a snack on the way up

At the bad-weather bypass

Is that the Alps? Nope, it is Stowe.

Ben and Will on the summit

Summit, looking West

Ascent – we were still beneath the clouds

Henry and Liam in an elevator shaft

Louis, Will, Casey, Henry, Liam and Bill.

View of Mansfield before the hike!!


On the way down…skies clear…looking towards Burlington

Awwww yeaaahh!!

Ballet pose with Pleasant Valley in the background!!

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