Pictures from the week: Camel’s Hump, J2 NEG, Range

WestonAugust 9, 2012

This past weekend we did a group hike up Camel’s Hump mountain. It was one of the hottest days of the year, but we had cool temps and a light breeze on the summit. The boys hiked for about an hour to warmup, then ran the last 0.9 miles to the summit in a hard effort. On the summit we met up with Garrott Kuzzy and Catherine Collins (former MWSC skier and Middlebury), who came up from the Huntington side.

Monday we were back at the Range for classic rollerskiing with a lot of technique work. After skiing without poles, we worked on balance and coordination on the grass, and a few bounding drills up a grassy hill. The main part of the workout were 45″ striders — short intervals at an intensity like a 10 or 15km race pace (not too hard, just good skiing).

On Tuesday, 5 MNC athletes went back to the Range to train with the J2 National Camp (45 of the best 15-16 year olds in the country!). Coaches and athletes are here from AK, MN, ID, MT, CO, etc. Molly, Amy, Casey, Ethan and Craig were able to do a workout that was supervised by US Ski Team coach Bryan Fish and lots of other amazing coaches. Ben Hegman was participating in the camp, so it was nice to see him, too.

Yesterday we did our first double-pole test of the year on Greystone Road in Richmond. I’ll have another post about that with pictures.

Alissa Stone working on the “scooter” drill

Atop Camel’s Hump (8/4)

Charlie Maitland no-poles. (8/6)

Destyni (8/6)

Amy, Emma, Molly & Alice – l to r  (8/6)

Lucy and Claire (8/6)

Awesome views towards Mansfield. Garrott heading down. (8/6)

Henry Harmeyer rocking the tele-turns (8/6)

Amy Bruce and BMA Coach Kate Barton at the J2 camp (8/7)

Ben Hegman at the J2 camp (8/7)

Casey Silke got a great workout along with the best J2’s! (8/7)

Craig Calhoun (r) and Gavin McEwan. J2 camp (8/7)

Ethan John liftoff (8/7)

US Ski Team coach Bryan Fish explains the workout (8/7)

Molly, Amy and other J2 gals listen

Molly (r) running up a steep climb (8/7)

Lukas working the balance (8/6)

Will Solow and Jordan leading a train (8/6)

Ethan, Bill, Henry and Coach Eli Enman (8/6)

Coach Erin Mallory, Amy, Emma and Leslie (8/6)

Claire knew where the camera was! (8/6)

BOunding on skis. Biathlon camp in background. (8/6)

More bounding, with other MNC groups in background (8/6)

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