Race to the Top of Vermont skier sightings

WestonAugust 28, 2012

This past weekend we had our last training of the summer session, followed on Sunday by the Catamount Trail fundraiser “Race to the Top of Vermont” which is either a running or mountain bike race up the Mansfield Toll Road (Stowe). There were a ton of skiers and former skiers in the event: including a group of MNC athletes, Craftsbury Green Racing Project Elite Team members, and coaches.

Running results

In the women’s run, 5 of the top 9 are skiers:

  • 1-Kasie Enman (Eli’s wife)
  • 2-Caitlin Patterson (UVM Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
  • 3-Ida Sargent (Dartmouth Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
  • 5- Clare Egan (UNH Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
  • 7-Robyn Anderson (Middlebury Grad, VTXC)
  • 9-Hannah Dreissigacker (Dartmouth Grad, Craftsbury GRP)

Other female skier sightings include current & former NENSA board members and other former coaches and recreational skiers and HS ski families:

  • Hollenbachs, Spillanes, Eastmans, Pribrams, Rands, Hosmer, Geer, Van Dyke, 

    In the men’s run, 12 of the top 20 are current or former skiers:

    •  2-Gordon Vermeer (Dartmouth Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
    • 3-Nils Koons (Dartmouth Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
    • 4-Scott Patterson (UVM Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
    • 6-Jordan Fields (Woodstock HS Grad)
    • 7- Dylan McGuffin (UNH Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
    • 8-Eli Enman COACH MNC and CVUHS!!
    • 10-Tim Reynolds (Middlebury Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
    • 11-Patrick O’Brien (Dartmouth Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
    • 14-Mark Gilberston (Former US Ski Team / Olympian)
    • 16-Bryan Cook (NMU Grad, Craftsbury GRP)
    • 19-Nathan Alsobrook (Bowdoin College Head Coach)

    Also sighted in the results:

    • Kerrigans, Harmeyers, Skyler Davis, Howe, Kelloggs (Charlie formerly US Ski Team, Terry formerly Middlebury College), Darling

    Mountain Bike:

    •  Won by 2012 Olympian Lea Davison (Middlebury grad, former alpine racer, currently uses XC skiing as part of her winter-time training for MTB)
    • Also seen: Harmeyer, Jamiesons (Mad River Valley BKL participants)
      Cally Braun early in the race

      MNC folks at the summit: Annavitte, Karin, Ethan, Liam, Bill, Penny, Alice

      Pre-race: Annevitte, Bill, Henry, Autumn, Emma, Cally, Tatum

      Saturday AM rollerski at Mud Pond: working on skate drills

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