SMS BKL Camp Day 2

Sverre CaldwellAugust 13, 2012
We are having a busy day at camp! This morning we woke up for our pre-breakfast jog, stretch and goofy drills.
Each team got to show how well they did the drills.
…then they were rewarded with breakfast.
After breakfast we did a cross over hike from Grout Pond, over the mountain to school. Above, the younger kids pose for their picture before taking off on their hike.
Thanks to Power Bar for supplying us all with a bar for the hike.
1/2 way home…almost everyone got up the fire tower (ye gads).
2/3 rds of the way back….
Heading down the mtn.
After lunch, we took a break from training and had 3 talks. Abby W talked to each group about “Life in BKL”. She went over all of the things that she does for NENSA to help encourage youth activity. Kate B talked to everyone about nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet. And Poppet talked to them about “Life after BKL” to give them some insite about what to expect in the future.
We then split into two groups, roller skiing and shooting (laser rifles)/ soccer. 
Obviously this camera went with the roller skiing group. Pictures of the shooting/soccer group will soon be up on our smug mug account.
We finished the afternoon with a swim at Pikes Falls!
All smiles and ready for dinner and more games!
Here are some more pics from this afternoon..different camera..late additions.

Oops..this got dragged down..

Student counselors extraordinaire!
More counselors 🙂
Our “game master” Charlie eplains “go for 10”
…and away they go.

 These kids want to play as long as they can see.

…getting darker…

OK..time for bed!

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Sverre Caldwell

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