World Cup Finals

Lenny ValjasAugust 16, 2012
Here are some videos of the final three World Cup races that I reached the podium on last season.

First ever podium. It was such an amazing feeling crossing the line in second. Reaching the World Cup podium had always been a lofty goal in my eyes, so to actually reach the podium was an unbelievable moment for me.

Not even a week later the World Cup Finals sprint was held in downtown Stockholm. This was a really cool venue, situated right on the King’s Royal Palace. I had a horrible qualifier in this race. I tried to double pole the classic sprint qualifier but I did not have the arm endurance to lug my body up the hills with just my arms. Luckily I just squeaked in with a 30th place qualifier.
The heats were a different story. I went back to skiing with classic skis and it felt much better. I advanced to the final and had a close finish at the end for a bronze medal.

My final podium of the year came in the 15km Classic race in Falun, Sweden. My strategy in this race was to keep my heart rate controlled. On the long and steep climb I would let the rest of the guys gap me and then I would efficiently catch them again on the downhill and the gradual sections.
When I crossed the finish line I was in complete shock. I still really hasn’t set in yet. I never thought I could ever reach the podium in a distance race.
I hope you undertand russian! this is the only video of the 15km race I can find.

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