Agility & Distance Classic Ski

September 5, 2012
We had two workouts today – agility, balance, and speed up in Lot 1 this morning and a classic distance ski this afternoon.  Our girls spent sometime working on their balance – rolling down the hill on one foot – while the boys did a lot of drop in speeds and worked on their quickness.  In the afternoon we went for an easy distance ski – the girls skied from school around Stratton Mountain and the boys started down on Old Town Road and skied through Bondville and up the Access Road.  Check out more pictures here
 Pippin works on her balance.
 Boys doing some bungee work.
 Matt explains the next part of the workout to the guys.
 A few speeds.
 Finishing stretch.
 Brooke, Katharine, & Alex.
 Gino, Jack, and Koby.
 Jack leads the guys through Bondville this afternoon.
 Heading through town towards the access road.
 Going up…
 Almost home – Stratton in the distance!
 Mackenzie working on reaching forward.

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