CXC September Man Camp

FasterSkierSeptember 9, 2012

September Camp at Telemark started with a huge bowl of fresh blueberries, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, coffee, juice and just the boys.

Eric, Karl and Adam and I haven been enjoying a small camp here at Telemark Lodge this week with Igor, Andy, and Kyle (Team Physio).  We have had some pretty large camps this year which have been great, but it is nice to have a small group.  It is also great to have almost a 1:1 coach to athlete ratio.

Cool weather has allowed for great training and recovery.

Classic Speed Session– few skiers in the country have the double pole finishing speed of Karl and it was great to try and hang on to him during our classic speed session.  Igor had us do the majority of the speeds with weights on our write.  They didn’t feel like much when you put them on, but you felt like a rockstar when you took them off for the final few of the set.
note: Video plays on Eric’s new blog
Skate Intervals- I have logged a lot of time climbing up OO in the past 6 years.  I would even wager that I have gone up and down it on roller skis more than anyone else (although I believe the Team FAST skiers should hold that honor soon).   The pavement was getting pretty bad and this summer the county repaved it.  Sadly the shoulder is even smaller than before, but it is one smooth ride which is nice.  The pavement made a one minute difference in interval speed according to my training logs.
 Mt. Telemark Bounding Intervals-  Igor mowed out a loop on Mt. Telemark which makes you wonder if you really are in the Midwest.  With a wonderful mix of steep and gradual ups you are either climbing or descending the entire 20 minute loop.
My Roomate is pretty chill, although he needs to pick up his boots and helmet. (yeah he is a boy dog so he can come to Man Camp).

Video Review
Man Camp has been fun and we have two more days to go.  I enjoy hanging with the boys but I am looking forward to seeing the Mrs. on Wednesday.     


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