Day Trip to Cody

Nick KlineSeptember 25, 2012

On Wednesday morning we took a trip down to Cody to 1) get some intensity in where the air is a little richer, and 2) check out the town!  We started out with some DP drills to get warmed up for 3x (3km @ :30 on, :30 off DP).

Ryan from MWSC:

Brendan (MWSC):

Sam is getting the hang of it!  (Sam watching me blog this: “Whoa my poles are bending!”)

Sadie heading out for intervals.  We skied a flat, nice path around Beck Lake and the city reservoir on the South side of Cody.


Kam (MWSC) coming through the lap:

Sadie getting “poked”.  The goal of the workout was to average a threshold pace by alternating a 5k and an easy pace.  This time around, Sadie was on the upper end of our target range with a 4.9 – but close enough for good work!

Guys cooling down, before we headed into Cody and enjoyed the afternoon in town.  Then… back to the ranch for easy distance and strength.

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