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Avatar Noah HoffmanSeptember 16, 2012

Kris Freeman and I had a good last session this morning at the Snow Farm. We did a two hour skate. The weather was quite nice, trails freshly groomed, no wind, and warm temps.

I took quite a few pictures today. (And luckily, the internet here at the Auckland airport is extremely fast.)

Kris and I did some head-shot photos with skis. They are nice to have for sponsors. Here’s Kris’s:

And mine:

And a nice gentleman took the two of us together:

After lunch, Steve Gould, the manager of the Snow Farm, drove us down to the airport. Kris flew out a couple of hours before I did, so Steve was nice enough to take me into Queenstown.

It is a beautiful city along the water of the deepest lake in New Zealand.

I got a picture of Kris’s plane as it departed.

I also got some time to hang out down by the lake.

The water was clear and quite cold.

I’m now in Auckland after an hour and a half long flight. It is pouring rain and I got rather wet on the walk from the domestic terminal to the international terminal.


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