Skiers @ Essex Invite; Training 9/10 – 9/16

WestonSeptember 9, 2012

Nice job to all the skiers that raced yesterday at the Essex Invite. Full results are found here. MNC skiers were all over the place, including something like 9 of the top-30 boys D1. I was glad to see a lot of folks out there! Coach Paul Allison threw down a great time of 17:15 in the citizen’s race, and I’m happy to report that most of the boys are now fitter/faster than I am — as I ran a 19:24 or so. That is a great sign for the athletes and a not great sign for me.

Training 9/10 – 9/16: This coming week is our first of the fall! I hope everybody is into the swing of school and excited to get back together. MMU has a race Friday and CVU is at the Burlington Invite on Saturday. Thursday will focus more on technique and strength to keep some energy in everyone’s legs.

  • Tuesday 9/11: 4-6pm at the Range. Strength test + classical rollerskiing/technique.
  • Thursday 9/13: 4-6pm at the Range. Skate “striders” and strength.
  • Sunday 9/16: 9-11am at Round Church. Classic roll with L3 specific strength up Greystone Dr.

Training 9/17 – 9/23: “Speed Week” with Tuesday and Saturday races for most runners.

  • Tuesday 9/18: 4-6pm at the Range. Classic + speeds and short sprint test (under 30 seconds); and strength. PLEASE BRING BOTH SKATE & CLASSIC EQUIPMENT for the sprint tests.
  • Thursday 9/20: 4-6pm at the Range. Skate + speeds and strength.
  • Sunday 9/23: 9-11am at Round Church. Classic roll with long L2/L3 intervals on flat/fast terrain.

Training 9/24 – 9/30: “Volume Week” with 0-2 running races dependent on athlete & team.

  • Tuesday 9/25: 4-6pm at the Range. Continuous skate skiing with focus on technique + strength.
  • Thursday 9/27: 4-6pm at the Range. Continuous classic skiing with focus on technique + strength.
  • Sunday 9/30: 9-11am at Mud Pond. Classic ski with technique and specific strength.

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