Speeds with the SMS T2 Team

September 27, 2012
This morning we joined the SMS T2 Team for a workout at BMD.  After warming up for 30 minutes and working on technique drills, everyone skied the BMD out-and-back loop continuous, while throwing in 30 second speeds at set locations on the road.  It was a nice chance for our team to hop in behind the T2 group and follow them for the speeds.  
 Mackenzie working on getting her hands high and forward. 
 Really nice to have Tyler back with us!  He’s been battling illness for the first month of school, but looks to be on the mend. 
 Gino leading a pack up the hill.
 Hamish catching a ride with Eric and Andy.
 Sophie leads Brooke and Calvin.
 Erika, Sophie, and Scott.
 Scott on his last speed.

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