Thetford Race

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 12, 2012

 Our girls headed up to Thetford for a race yesterday. Thetford hosts the Vt State meet every year so we thought it would be a good idea to check out the venue. The course is challenging, but fair. Over the last several years it has been rainy and muddy for their races, yesterday was beautiful and it was nice to see the campus under sunny skies.

 The girls from Woodstock and Lebanon flew out of the start.

 But at 2km, Mollie had the lead (she finished 2nd)  :).

 Katharine and Tegan slowly worked their way up through the pack and finished 4th and 5th.

 Mackenzie had some stomache issues, but ran through them and had a good race.

 Pip..too fast for the camera….

 … and near the finish. She had a good race and took a big step toward learning how to go hard, but controlled for the whole race.

It was Kate’s birthday! She and Tess had bad stomach aches, but could still muster up smiles. Tess skipped the race and Kate “gutted” her way around the course and ran a good solid race.

After the race and the warm down, we all went to the Hoopes house for a great dinner. Thanks Vicki and Jack for giving us a feast!

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Sverre Caldwell

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