Training Update

September 21, 2012
Our community experienced a very difficult loss this week with the passing of SMS junior Megan Ives.  Meg was an alpine skier, a soccer player, and a dear friend to many.  Our school is small and with the absence of our alpine ski team in Chile, it feels even smaller this week. Needless to say, yesterday was a very subdued day on campus and we spent a lot of time supporting one another.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Meg’s family, friends, and teammates.   Yesterday afternoon all of the students on campus came together as a group to be outside and play a game of capture the flag in the sunshine.   
Peter Dimitriou goes airborne to escape Tanner and Jack’s tag.  
 Jack making a break for it.  
 Jack vs. Hamish.
 Mikayla and Kazia.
 Joe & Boylan.
 Mackenzie chases down Drew.
 Joe tries to sneak into enemy territory.
 Hamish on the move.
 Koby with the flag.
On Wednesday we teamed up with the snowboarders & freestyle skiers to run through the obstacle course a few times.  We’ll do this again on parents weekend so it was good prep for our all school relay.
 Brandon (minus one shoe!)
 Nikita & Katharine.
 Ana & Scott.
Alex demonstrates good burpee form! 
The winning team!  Jack, Koby, & Brandon.

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