Updated West River Trail TT

September 11, 2012
 This afternoon, with the girls team away at their second cross country race of the year, the boys team plus the SMS T2 women did a running intensity workout of their own and time-trialed the West River Trail.  Girls + J2 boys ran from Ball Mountain Dam to South Londonderry (8.5 miles) and older boys ran from Jamaica State Park to South Londonderry (11 miles).  
It was a tough workout for everyone.  Results are below, but it should be noted that we had several people run a little bit off course and others experimenting with various things like pacing, mid-race fueling, and unanticipated bathroom breaks that caused some odd lapses in time. : )   Regardless, congrats to Sophie & Jordan for setting the pace with some speedy times.  
Sophie 56:03
Erika 1:04:26
Annie 1:10:10
Scott 1:11:35
Koby 1:14:16
Jordan 1:09:52
Gino 1:14:24
Jack 1:18:20
Calvin 1:20:53
Hamish 1:22:10
 Gatorade feeds on the Winhall Campground bridge.  
 Sophie comes through the campground with a little over 3 miles to go.
Jordan laying down a fast time for the guys.
Gino and Erika. 
 Calvin & Jack.
 Feed time. 
 Koby (above) and Scott (below) got a little off course and pop out of the woods from an unexpected direction!  : ) 
 Syd the dog checks on Sophie after finishing her TT.
 Erika & Gino sprinting for the line.
 Guys team refueling. 
Parent-chauffeurs extraordinaire!  Jim Mooney (dad to Scott & Brooke) and Elaine Gordon (mom to Koby) catch up while waiting for the boys to finish cooling down.

Earlier today we celebrated senior Kate Kerin’s 17th birthday with a lunch trip to the Partridge up in the village.  Happy Birthday Kate!

 Yesterday morning we worked on our agility and balance in Lot 1 and were lucky enough to have Bryan Fish and Jason Cork from the USST work with our team.  Bryan worked with the girls (with Pippin above) and Jason worked with the guys and then after lunch they both took off for the USST Camp in Lake Placid.

 Bungee work with partners!

 Ahhh – no bungees!

 Erika showing nice striding form.

 Tegan working on her balance.

 Ana giggling. : )

Ladies team!  

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