2013 Participant Gift Gives Back to the Birkie Trail

Alex KochonOctober 5, 2012

How “SMART GLOVES” Will Support the Birkie Trail

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Participants in American Birkebeiner ski marathon events on February 23, 2013 will receive one of the most unique gifts ever offered at an event. This year at bib pick-up, each participant in the Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon will receive a pair of SwypeGloves—special cold-weather gloves infused with conductive fibers that allow you to operate your touchscreen phone and other devices while keeping toasty warm.

How These Gloves Give Back to the Birkie Trail

Again, every participant in the 2013 Birkie, Korteplopet, and Prince Haakon will receive a pair of SwypeGloves as a gift from the Birkie. But, anyone who would like a pair to use earlier in the season, or for any friends and family who would also like a pair, these gloves can be purchased online at a very generous 25% Birkie discount. At the same time, for every pair of gloves purchased, the SwypeGear company will make a donation back to the Birkie Trail. This is a great way to stay warm this winter and help support the Birkie Trail.

“We are very honored to be partnering with the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation in this way,” says Vik Colaso, Founder and CEO of SwypeGear. “We’re excited to get our gloves out to so many skiers and, we’re especially glad that we can get involved in supporting the Birkie Trail itself. After 40 years and going strong, it looks to have a lot of great years ahead. It’s a real privilege to be part of that.”

Why SwypeGloves?

While you may not be texting on the trail, many skiers, keep their phones with them on long and short outings to stay in touch with family, to meet up with friends, or just to be able to call for help if needed. If you’ve ever tried using your touchscreen with regular gloves, you know it doesn’t work. And on frigid days, no one wants to end a great ski by getting frostbite phoning home to say you’re on the way and will pick up dinner.

On their own or as a first layer under ski mittens or lobster claws, SwypeGloves are designed for outdoor athletes. The gloves are made from 100% stay-dry, moisture-wicking acrylic. They are also available in wool. Both come in a wide range of great colors. Their unique herringbone weave is designed to provide breathable comfort while the stretch yarn and ribbed cuffs ensure a snug fit, like a second skin.

Whether you wear them on the trail or getting there and home again, SwypeGloves are quickly becoming the next must-have gear for skiers. Spectators, too, will like them for staying warm and staying in touch while waiting for family and friends to cross the finish line. Known as “The world’s most precise touchscreen gloves,” SwypeGloves work with all touchscreen phones, iPods, iPads, reading tablets, and more.
How to Purchase SwypeGloves and Support the Birkie Trail:

Click Here to purchase SwypeGloves at www.SwypeGear.com.
Use Coupon Code: 

Click Here to learn more about the Birkie Trail and “Birkie Trail Friends.”

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Thank you. We’re excited about this opportunity to do something nice for our skiers and continue to keep the Birkie Trail in great shape year round.

For additional information or for questions, please email media@birkie.com.

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