Easy Skate Day

October 23, 2012
This afternoon we had an easy skate ski after our weekly team meeting.  The older boys headed off with Matt for their workout and the girls and younger boys skied around for 30 minutes before meeting Sverre, Poppet, and Liz for an hour of technique work in Lot 1.  We spent a lot of time working on no-pole skiing and getting total weight shift from side to side.  Most of these pictures are from a drill we did where each skier tried to go a set distance in as few strides as possible.
 Brooke windmilling to catch her balance!
 Tegan with some snazzy new boots!
 Mollie working on getting her balance down.
 Russell came over from Putney today! 
 Scott – the tongue out makes you ski faster. : )
 Ana gliding. 
 A few speeds in small groups to end practice.  Brooke, Russell, Scott.

Alex, Pip, Kate.
K.O. looking like a figure skater.
Tess using her arms to propel her from side to side. 

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