I love you, Wyoming.

Nick KlineOctober 6, 2012

By Sadie

The title of this post should explain it all, but in case it doesn’t…

I had such an amazing time in Wyoming. It was my first time to the Midwest and I can’t believe how beautiful it is. We got to the 7D Ranch at 12 AM Sunday morning, so we had no idea what everything looked like. Waking up the next morning was a huge surprise. Wherever you looked, massive cliffs and giant mountains surrounded you. It was so pretty.

The training we did was awesome. I got in 22 hours in 8 days (not too bad!) Definitely my biggest week of the year!! We did a lot of hiking with some of them getting up to 10,000 feet! It was pretty difficult to get acclimated, but by day 4, I felt pretty good. The biggest frustration I had was keeping my heart rate down, especially for the first 3 days. I’d feel like I was training in Level 1, but I’d really be Level 3. I learned a lot about training at a higher elevation and how to help yourself adjust faster (HYDRATE!)

The rollerskiing was different than Bethel to say the least. Not only are you watching out for cars, but for cows, too! I was so confused as to why there were 30 cows my first day skiing in Cody, but it’s a normal site in Wyoming! We didn’t do a ton of rollerskiing, but we did some sessions with technique, intervals, and a long uphill workout.

I’m settling back into Gould and getting caught up on everything. I had SAT’s this morning and this afternoon will consist of AP Gov and AP Comp, with some bike intervals in the Field House thrown in there somewhere. Trent, Ashton, and Marcello are at Hebron for a XC race. We’re doing a longer skate ski tomorrow with Molly Siegel and Tara Humphries (senior at Burke Mountain Academy) joining us! It’ll be so nice to see and train with them again.

Here are some more pictures from Wyoming:


Just some casual buffalo crossing:

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone:

One of our hikes by the Ranch:

Emily Ramsey (MWSC), Danni Anderson (MSU), and me on a long hike:

Almost the whole group (two of us did a shorter hike):



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