Lots and Lots of Laps

Noah HoffmanOctober 23, 2012

Kris Freeman and I skate skied for three and a half hours this morning on the 1.8 kilometer loop here in Canmore. We did somewhere around 38 laps. It was again cold enough to make snow, and we are hopeful they will get a couple hundred meter connector open tomorrow or the next day.

I have lots of random pictures today. The first four are from Stratton Mountain School Elite Team (SMS T2 Team) skier Eric Packer. Here I am double poling:

And here’s my teammate of the US Ski Team and SMS T2 Team, Andy Newell:

And Kris Freeman of the US Ski Team and Maine Winter Sports Center:

Here are SMS T2 Teammates (from left to right) Annie Hart, Jessie Diggins and Sophie Caldwell:

Here are my teammates on Ski and Snowboard Club Vail’s Team Homegrown having fun. I believe Sylvan Ellefson is pointing out Tad Elliott’s mustache.

This evening we, as a team, got invited over to Olympic Gold Medalist Chandra Crawford’s house. Chandra is a Canadian. She lives here in Canmore. She won the gold in the cross country sprint race at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy:

Jessie Diggins, Liz Stephen, and Ida Sargent (from left to right) made a delicious chili at Chandra’s apartment:

We had a couple of minor accidents during the evening. First, we lost a couple of wine glasses:

Then, we lost a full bottle of hot sauce:

After dinner we chatted and listened to Chandra, Andy, and Jessie play the guitar.

U.S. Ski Team coach Matt Whitcomb was playing with the applications on his phone. He made this flattering video of me.

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