New for Fast Wax: Eco-Friendly Additive, New Products, Online Store

Alex KochonOctober 16, 2012

(Press release)


New this fall, Fast Wax fluorinated products have moved to the FW-02 environmental friendly fluoro additive. The FW-02 additive passes the regulatory reviews of the U.S. EPA and other environmental agencies around the world. It is not made with, nor does it degrade into, PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) or PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) and is not associated with ozone depletion.

This new FW-02 additive has been extensively tested and found to have superior performance to other ski waxes with superior absorption into ski bases. The new Fast Wax product irons in easily, scrape out smooth, and brushes out quicker than other waxes.

Bottom Line… Faster Skis.

The results of the new products are shown with Fast Wax skiers winning races by simply skiing away from the competition. Angie Robinson won the World Masters by skiing away from the competition on the downhill run into the stadium, catching the final 2 competitors and developing a winning margin of 6 seconds in the last kilometer of the race. Similar story with Elaine Nelson winning the Pre-Birkie, several elite level master skiers reported they could not come close to Elaine and that she just skied away from them.

New Products

The FW02 additive has led to the development of new fluoro Hotbox and fluoro Base prep waxes. Both products are focused on the competitive skier. Test results have shown that getting the fluoro additive into the base of the ski using this product combination yields faster skies than graphite and moly products.

Here is a link to Caldwell Sports with some additional testing of Moly and Graphite Waxes

Here is some lab-testing to support the science behind the waxes

New Packaging

You have spoken and we have listened by adding more information to the package, starting with a QR code that links you directly to the Fast Wax web site: iron temps are now listed, improved product identification and revised temperature ranges.

New Online Store

To insure all Fast Wax Products are always available Fast Wax has set up a new online store for retail customers, check the online links for your favorite local Dealer or go online direct from Fast Wax.

More on Fast Wax Ski Waxing News (including lab testing): click here.

Alex Kochon

Alex Kochon ( is a former FasterSkier editor and roving reporter who never really lost touch with the nordic scene. A freelance writer, editor, and outdoor-loving mom of two, she lives in northeastern New York and enjoys adventuring in the Adirondacks. She shares her passion for sports and recreation as the co-founder of "Ride On! Mountain Bike Trail Guide" and a sales and content contributor at When she's not skiing or chasing her kids around, Alex assists authors as a production and marketing coordinator for iPub Global Connection.

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