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Sverre CaldwellOctober 25, 2012

With fallen leaves, cold nights and the ski season fast approaching, it is time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and help out with the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) and their fund raising events.

The USST does not have enough funding to pay for all of the events that they are promoting in their developement pipeline and this is where the NNF has stepped in and been a great help. All of the money that NNF raises goes to help our rising skiers. NNF helps fund the national J2 camp, NEG and NTG camps, the J1 Scandinavian trip, World Jr Championships, U23’s, Europa Cup races and even some World Cup races.

There are several NNF fund raisers going on right now!

The Kaeding Family is hosting a reception at their house in Worcester, VT this Sunday at 4 pm. Paddy Caldwell and Heather Mooney will be sharing a slide show and stories from their experience at the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck last January. Click here for more information on this fun event.

Last year NNF started the “drive for 25”. The goal was to reach out to as many donors as possible to raise money. This year the “drive for 25” has returned with a special incentive. Thanks to an anonymous donor, if anyone donates money through an athlete that has been helped by NNF, their donation will be matched 5 for 1! SO.. .THINK ABOUT THIS… we usually have about 500 blog hits each day. If everyone who reads this donates $5, that would be $2500. With the 5 for 1 match, it would mean $15,000 for the future of US cross country skiing! Wow..think of the possibilities if we all gave more!
Please help out now while it is fresh in your mind by clicking on one of the SMS athletes donation pages below. All donations go to NNF.

Paddy Caldwell
Heather Mooney
Sophie Caldwell
Koby Gordon
Jack Elder
Skyler Davis
Eric Packer
Anika Miller

Thank you!

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Sverre Caldwell

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