A Visit to Calgary

clareeNovember 18, 2012

I spent a day off in Calgary. It is a surprisingly big city, with a population of about 1.1 million (compare to Boston with 625,000, or Dallas with 1.2 million). I found the downtown very clean, with free public transport, lots of walking space, support for the arts, interesting parks, and an extensive Chinatown with delicious food!!! Here are some of my pictures.

<View of downtown Calgary from outside the Greyhound bus stop.
<Calgary has an extensive above-ground train system that connects downtown to the 'burbs (home to the largest subdivision of all time).
<Stephens Ave, the shopping district.
<There are lots of elevated walkways, which makes sense in a city that often sees temps below zero F.
<The Calgary Tower
<Fly swatters?
<See person in doorway for size comparison!
<One of the big malls in Calgary, with some even bigger sculptures outside.
<The main street in Calgary is reserved for the C-Train, which is free within the perimeters of downtown. Awesome.
<There is a lively arts scene here. This is their biggest performance hall, home of the Calgary Philharmonic.
<Olympic Park, right in the downtown, with free ice rink open to the public!
<Calgary has a clean and beautiful downtown.
<Canada eh?
<I think this is where the hockey team plays...if I had to guess.
<Big old train, with view of the East Village in the background.
<There is a giant freight train line that cuts through the middle of downtown Calgary.
<Calgary Municipal Building
<Calgary Tower
<Street cleaners take a break outside The Bay, a very posh department store.
<The central square in Calgary, home to the Olympic Park, with a view of the Calgary tower in the background.
<Town hall
<And we got some smokers at the town hall.
<And we got some smokers in the car.
<Departing from Calgary airport, with a view of the city skyline and the Rockies in the distance.

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