Muonio Training

Noah HoffmanNovember 15, 2012

Afternoon skiing here in Muonio, Finland means skiing in the dark. Here’s my teammate Kris Freeman heading out for a session:

Most of the trails around here are lit.

The US Ski Team has been having fun since being back together as a team. I’ll let you know how we’re doing after five months together. Here’s my Ski and Snowboard Club Vail teammate Sylvan Ellefson:

Sylvan, Simi Hamilton, and Andy Newell are growing Movember mustaches:

The food here in Muonio is delicious. Here’s Jessie Diggin’s bowl of oatmeal with lingonberries:

And my bowl of cereal:

I’ve been doing physical therapy on my left shoulder with Tara Fontenot.

Sometimes we have to get creative with the tools we use. We used a fireplace tool as a weight:

I owe a huge thanks to Tara for making the trip over here.

I had the morning off of training. Here’s Ida Sargent doing speed:

Ida and most of my teammates were getting ready for the sprint race tomorrow.

I am not racing tomorrow, but I will do both distance races this weekend. There are some really good skiers here. On the women’s side, Justyna Kowalczyk, the second best female skier in the world was out training today:

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